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Sell Your Vehicle

We offer a “Consignment” opportunity which allows you to list your funeral vehicle FOR SALE on this website at no upfront cost. This is a great option for any funeral professional who wants to sell their vehicle prior to the purchase of a new vehicle. Hopefully, you will be able to sell the vehicle for more than “trade-in value” and review multiple offers prior to completing the sale.

Below are some commonly asked questions regarding listing your vehicle FOR SALE on this website:

Q: How do I list my funeral vehicle FOR SALE?

A: Simply complete our Listing Request Form.

Q: How do I submit photos of my funeral vehicle?

A: You will have the opportunity to ATTACH any pictures to our Listing Request Form or send a separate EMAIL to: Please be aware that the Total File Size of any email attachments should not exceed 5MB. If so, please split your photos into several smaller emails and send separately.

Q: How important are the pictures of my funeral vehicle?

A: Quality photos are essential in convincing potential buyers that your funeral vehicle is the one that should represent their funeral home. In most cases, a buyer will not consider purchasing a vehicle without seeing it first and a poor quality photo may also eliminate any chance of a sale. Please understand that a large percentage of buyers may never physically inspect the vehicle in person, and must rely solely on the photos you provide.

HINTS: Make sure your vehicle looks “funeral-ready” (i.e. washed and vacuumed). Try to take pictures outdoors during the afternoon hours. Use the natural scenery to your advantage. Please make sure to photograph any damage (i.e. dings, scratches, dents, rust, etc.) as well as any custom features that you feel are a Selling Feature.

IMPORTANT: We require a minimum of FOUR (4) Exterior Photo’s and FOUR (4) Interior Photo’s. You may choose to send additional pictures including odometer, any damage, or any custom features.

Q: How does the vehicle listing service work?

A: We handle all aspects of the sale of your vehicle including; marketing, handling inquires & presenting offers, all documentation, financing, and transportation (if necessary). This is a risk free service and is provided to you at no upfront cost... only a modest commission if we can successfully introduce a qualified buyer who purchases your vehicle.

Q: If I list my funeral vehicle FOR SALE, but eventually sell it myself, will I still have to pay you?

A: Absolutely Not!!! All we ask is that you notify us so we can update the website accordingly.

To list your vehicle please download and complete the following PDF. Please fax: 866-625-8431 or email your completed form to us.

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Listing Request Form