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Stock # Year Chassis Coachbuilder Model Mileage Exterior Color Interior Color Internet Price Vehicle Features
Any*** Special *** *** Order *** Chrysler 300Custom BuildChrysler 300 HearseAnyAnyAny$CALLFamily-Style Funeral Coach with 2nd Row Seating, Short Carpet, Rear Hatch-Back Loading Door!
Any*** Special *** *** Order *** Chrysler 300Custom BuildChrysler 300 HearseAnyAnyAny$CALLThis basic model coach looks as good as the higher priced competitors. Save $$$ without sacrificing service. This is a very unique funeral coach!!!
Any*** Special *** *** Order *** Mercedes SprinterCustom BuildMercedes Sprinter Executive Family CoachAnyAnyAny$CALLThe Executive Family Coach is a combination Hearse & Limousine. Your families will ride in High- End Luxury and Maximum Comfort with over 6 feet of headroom allowing easy movement throughout the cabin. The casket compartment offers a hydraulic extend table with European Style rear windows.
Any*** Special *** *** Order *** Rosewood ClassicCustom BuildRenaissance Classic Hearse0AnyAny$CALLHand crafted classic coach with timeless design. Featuring hardwood floors and trim, loading door opens 180* with a 46x39 casket compartment, and plenty of storage. Choice of options include: custom paint, embroidery, built in sound system, and many others. This classic coach is elegance & grace which never go out of style!
2015CadillacFederalHearse0WhiteBlack$CALLChrome Package w/Chrome Band, LH Hinge, Open Well, Flag Staffs, Strobe Lights, Short Carpet, Upgraded Oval Window Package, Brand New, Ready For Delivery!
2014CadillacS&SVictoria - Commercial Glass0BlackBlack$CALLBrand New, Ready For Delivery!
2011CadillacEagleEchelon0Silver w/ Black TopBlack$CALLChrome Wheels, Vista Skylight, Closed Well with Dual Bier Pins, Left-Hand Hinge, Flag Staffs, Beautiful European Style!
2011CadillacS&SMedalist Hearse9,000BlackBlack$CALLChrome Wheels w/ Chrome Pillars, Lower Chrome Molding, LH Hinge, Dual Bier Pins, Short Carpet, Closed Well, Like Brand New!
2011CadillacEagleKingsley Hearse14,000BlackBlack$CALLChrome Package with Roof Band, Left-Hand Hinge with Open Well, Oval Window Package, Low Miles!
2011CadillacS&SMasterpiece - Commercial Glass31,000BlackBlack$CALLChrome Wheels with Flag Staffs, Commercial Glass Windows, Closed Well, Left-Hand Hinge, Carpeted Floor w/ Extend Table, Beautiful Funeral Coach!
2011CadillacS&SMedalist Hearse27,000BlackBlack$CALLChrome Wheels w/ Chrome Pillars, Dual Bier Pins, Closed Well, Left-Hand Hinge, Excellent Condition!
2010CadillacEagleUltimate Hearse24,000SilverBlack$CALLChrome Package w/Chrome Band, Left Hand Hinge, Open Well, Beautiful Funeral Coach!
2010CadillacS&SMedalist Hearse16,000White w/ Black TopBlack$CALLChrome Package with Black Top, Closed Well, Left Hand Hinge, Short Bumper Carpet, Low Miles, Mint Condition!
2009CadillacSuperiorCrown Sovereign - Commercial Glass8,000GoldNeutral$CALLChrome Wheels w/ Chrome Band, Flag Staffs, LH Hinge, Open Well, Low Miles, Immaculate Condition!
2009CadillacSuperiorStatesman19,000GrayNeutral$CALLChrome Wheels, Right Hand Hinge, Open Well, Low Miles, Excellent Condition!
2009CadillacS&SImperial28,000BlackBlack$CALLChrome Package w/Chrome Band, Rear Hatchback Loading Door, Closed Well, Dual Bier Pins, Beautiful Funeral Coach!
2009CadillacEurekaHearse51,000BlackBlack$CALLChrome Wheels, Left-Hand Hinge, Dual Bier Pins with Open Well, Limousine Style Rear Windows, Manual Pull-Out Table!
2008CadillacS&SMasterpiece - Commercial Glass51,000BlackNeutral$CALLBeautiful Funeral Coach!
2008CadillacSuperiorStatesman31,000BlueBlue$CALLChrome Wheels, Left-Hand Hinge, Open Well, Oval Window Package, Beautiful Funeral Coach!
2008CadillacSuperiorStatesman27,000BlueBlue$CALLChrome Wheels, Left Hand Hinge, Open Well, Very Low Miles, Excellent Condition!
2008CadillacEagleUltimate Hearse47,000BlackBlack$CALLChrome Wheels w/ Chrome Band, Lower Chrome & B-Pillar Chrome, Flag Staffs, Left-Hand-Hinge, Excellent Condition!
2007CadillacFederalHeritage Hearse53,000BlackBlack$CALLChrome Wheels w/ Chrome Band, Left-Hand Hinge, Dual Bier Pins, Open Well, Short Bumper Carpet!
2007CadillacEagleUltimate Hearse38,000BlackNeutral$CALLChrome Wheels w/ Chrome Band, Lower Chrome & B-Pillar Chrome, Flag Staffs, Left-Hand-Hinge, Open Well, Excellent Condition!
2006CadillacSuperiorStatesman48,000BlackBlack$CALLChrome Package with Flag Staffs, Closed Well, Left Hand Hinge, Short Bumper Carpet, Very Nice!
2006CadillacEagleKingsley Hearse36,000Dark Gray with Black TopBlack$CALLChrome Wheels, Flag Staffs, Closed Well, LH Hinge, Short Carpet, Excellent Condition!
2006CadillacEurekaHearse47,000SilverBlue$CALLChrome Wheels, Dual Bier Pins, Open Well, Right-Hand Hinge, Short Bumper Carpet, Very Nice!
2006CadillacFederalHeritage Hearse30,000WhiteNeutral$CALLChrome Package w/Chrome Band, Dual Bier Pins, Left-Hand Hinge, Open Well, Oval Window Package!
2005CadillacSuperiorStatesman41,000Silver with Black TopBlack$CALLChrome Package, Extend Table, OVAL WINDOWS!
2005CadillacS&SVictoria - Commercial Glass24,000Blue with Black TopBlue$CALLCommercial Glass, Low Miles, Excellent Condition!
2004CadillacS&SVictoria - Commercial Glass22,000GreenNeutral$CALLCommercial Glass Package, Chrome Wheels, Extend Table, Low Miles!
2004CadillacS&SMedalist Hearse53,000WhiteBlue$CALLChrome Wheels, Left Hand Hinge, Closed Well, Dual Bier Pins, Excellent Condition!
2004CadillacS&SVictoria - Commercial Glass52,000BlackBlack$CALLCommercial Glass, Very Nice!
2003CadillacEagleHearse13,800BlueBlue$CALLChrome Package, Extend Table, Low Miles!
2002CadillacS&SMedalist Hearse55,000BlackBlack$CALLChrome Wheels with Flag Staffs, Dual Bier Pins, Closed Well, Left-Hand Hinge, Beautiful Coach!
2001CadillacFederalHeritage Hearse46,000BlackBlue$CALLChrome Wheels, Left-Hand Hinge, Open Well with Dual Bier Pins, Low Miles!
2001CadillacSuperiorStatesman45,000SilverBlue$CALLChrome Wheels with Flag Staffs, Right-Hand Hinge, Open Well, Excellent Condition!
2000CadillacS&SMedalist Hearse39,000BlackBlack$CALLChrome Wheels, Left-Hand Hinge, Open Well, Low Miles!
2012LincolnEagleIcon15,000BlackBlack$CALLFactory Wheels, Left Hand Hinge, Open Well, Dual Bier Pins ------- Urn Enclave with Vista Skylight!
2012LincolnEagleIcon13,000WhiteBlack$CALLFactory Wheels, Left Hand Hinge, Open Well, Dual Bier Pins with Beautiful Vista Skylight!
2011LincolnEagleKingsley Hearse32,000WhiteNeutral$CALLFactory Alloy Wheels, Closed Well, Left Hand Hinge, Dual Bier Pins, including Chrome Roof Band --- This is a Beautiful Coach!
2009LincolnFederalStratford Hearse41,000SilverBlack$CALLChrome Roof Band, Flag Staffs, Strobes, Left-Hand Hinge with OVAL WINDOWS!!!
2007LincolnKrystalWaterford Hearse44,000BlackBlack$CALLGood Condition!

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